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Tests cohesion of bituminous mixtures or determines the cohesiometer value of compacted soil mixtures containing either liquid asphalt, hydrated lime or cement.

• Load is applied by steel shot dropping from a 20 lb. capacity reservoir through a solenoid valve into a receptacle mounted in ball bearings at the exact 30 inch point of a sturdy cast Aluminium alloy beam. Receptacle is easily removed for weighing.
• A bracket is provided to mount a standard dial indicator (not included) for measuring the beam deflection after shut-off or presetting the control for automatic load shut-off when the beam has deflected a desired amount. Manual on-off switches with pilot lights are provided for heating and solenoid valve circuits.


Product #ProductNameStandardsPower RequirementsShipping Weight
  100100 CohesiometerASTM D1560-63T, TEX 122-E115V/60C/1000W/1Ph150 lb
  100TS100TS Cohesiometer- Torque ScrewdriverASTM D1560-63T, TEX 122-EN/A2 lb