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Spherically Seated Cylinder Platens

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• Free floating and seats under pressure.
• Contact surface has scribed centering circles.

Used for testing 6inch and 4inch dia concrete cylinders and cores in compression. The Spherical disk assembly is precision machined so the maximum amount of contact surface is used in each head. This assures that the head is free floating and will seat under testing pressure. The heavy duty compression platen is 1-1/2 inch thick and 6.5 inch dia. The cylinder contact platen is hardened to Rockwell 55 and is ground to maintain planeness within .0005 inch in any 6 inch direction. The contact surface has scribed centering circles and is nickel plated for wear and corrosion resistance. The platen mounts into the machine by means of a locking holding stem system and meets ASTM C39 specifications. A series of hydraulic pressure sensing devices are used to protect against overpressurization and violent returns to a zero load state. Gauges are equipped with maximum load indicating hand (red max-hand) mounted directly to the gauge crystal. The max-hand is a free-floating red pointer which allows a direct reading of testing loads at specimen failure and eliminates the possibility of operator error. Zeroing adjustments are made by means of a rack and pinion adjusting knob mounted directly on the outside of the gauge bezel.


Product #ProductNameStandards
  TMA0101Platen assembly for use in all TCM Series MachineASTM C39