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SD-Digital System

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The SD digital load and load rate indicator is the latest innovation from test mark designed to maximize accuracy, minimize operator interaction and improve test documentation.

• Display Live Load, Peak Stress and Peak Load.
• Auto-Test-Reset automatically enables the indicator at the start of the next test without requiring operator interaction.
• Indicates Load Rate on an LED bar graph. A lighted rate pointer moves between its pre-set load limits. Adjust the lower and upper load rate limits to the specimen testing requirements, example ASTM C39, 20 to 50 psi/sec for cylinders.
• Define and detect the end of the test with Sample Break Detector, Results are automatically calculated and displayed in both peak stress and load for all menu specimen types.
• Store up to 150 test results to permanent memory, Results include Date, Time, Client Job Number, Specimen I.D. Number, Specimen Type, Length, Area Peak Load, Peak Stress, Correction Factor, Cylinder Break Type Specimen Age, Specimen Weight, and a statistical summary. Can be set to automatically increment the Specimen I.D. number.
• Activate Auto-Store to automatically store the results of each test.
• Activate Auto Transmit to automatically transmit the results of each test through the serial communications port.
• Transimit test results to a printer or remote computer through serial communications port.
• Select between engineering units of Lb, kN, Kg and N in mm and cm with stress units of psi, Mpa Kg/cm and KPa.
• Has four calibration channels for multiple load cell of transducer systems. The calibration algorithm program allows up to 5 calibration points per channel with piecewise linear fit between points. Accuracy exceeds ASTM E4 requirements and in general is greater than ±.5% of indicated load from 1% of full scale to 100% full scale capacity of the testing machine.


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  SD-DSSD-Digital System