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Economical Large Work Space Bench Ovens

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Low cost, large capacity bench ovens for shelf processing at temperatures to 400°F. Designed to handle a wide variety of applications such as baking, curing, drying and pre-heating.

Standard Features

Standard large capacity bench ovens from Grieve meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standard 86, Industrrial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA standards. For some applications, such as those involving flammable solvents or hazardous locations, the above organizations requires additional safety devices.


• Analog, thermocouple actuated, temperature controller
• Motor control push buttons
• On-off heat switch Easy-to-see pilot light
• Motor control push buttons

Safety Equipment

Adjustable, thermocouple actuated, manual reset excess temperature controller Separate heating element control contactor Recirculating blower air flow safety switch


• 430 stainless steel interior
• Explosion venting latches
• 2 inch of 6 Ib/cf. density industrial rockwool insulation
• Built-in baffle prevents radiant heat
• Silicone rubber door gasket
• Aluminized steel exterior with enamel finish

Standard Equipment

• Standard Electrical characteristics
• 230 V, 1 or 3 phase ,60 Hz.
• 460 V, 3 Phase ,60 Hz
• Other Electrical characterstics available

Each features completely wired, side access, UL Listed control panel enclosing terminals for incoming power temperatures controllers, push buttons and pilot lights. Motor starter and heating element contractors electrically interlocked to shut off heaters


Product #ProductNameTemperature Range°FInside Dim (WxDxH)Outside Dim (WxDxH)Cubic Capacity
  G323Economical Large Work Space Bench Ovens350 °F36W x 21D x 36H Inch40W x 28D x 44H Inch18 cu. ft
  G333Economical Large Work Space Bench Ovens350 °F36W x 36D x 36H Inch40W x 43D x 47H Inch27 cu. ft
  G343Economical Large Work Space Bench Ovens400 °F36W x 36D x 36H Inch40W x 43D x 47H Inch27 cu. ft