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Choose from 3 types of two-sided forms for orderly recording of data from sieve or screen tests on one side and graphical presentation of results on the other. Front side tabulation of mesh sizes, tares, weights, and percents retained and/or passing is same on all 3 versions. Flip side full page chart has 30 mm to 100 mm sieve sizes on a horizontal log scale. Choose from forms with linear, probability, or Rosin-Rammler vertical scale for plotting percent retained and passing. All are 8 1/2 x11 inch with 3-hole punch, packed as a carton of five pads, 100 per pad (500 forms total).


Product #ProductName
  GTSA260Log-Linear Test Report Forms
  GTSA261Log-Normal Test Report Forms
  GTSA262Log-Log Test Report Forms