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Sieve Brushes

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When ultrasonic energy waves are transmitted to a liquid, a pattern of microscopic bubbles forms and collapses immediately after generation. This rapid cavitation keeps particles in constant motion and frees lodged particles. These ultrasonic sets consist of a stainless steel tank with separate generator unit that can be located safely away from tank liquid. Construction is top quality. Tanks are fabricated stainless steel with 3/4inch top flange, and transducers are enclosed in a bottom compartment. Threaded inlet and outlet drain connections are provided. Generator has on-off push-button and tank has an Aid-lite to display the acoustic intensity. The smaller size bath is for cleaning 8inch and smaller sieves, with a sieve holder rack included. The larger model is for cleaning screen trays or round sieves up to 12inch dia. Trays are cleaned by reversing end-to-end in the bath. Extra sieve holder racks for the small bath may be ordered for holding some sieves in ovens or air drying while others are being cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning is most effective for the mesh sizes to about No. 30, and performance is less effective in larger sizes. Sieves and trays should be separated by 1/4inch to 1/2inch rather than stacked or nested in the bath. Cleaning time depends on loading, with 2-5 minutes typical. Performance of 100% particulate removal is possible in many cases. A special purpose detergent concentrate may be added to water to improve performance.


Product #ProductName
  GUB-1Ultrasonic Bath Set- For Cleaning Sieves or Screen Trays
  GUB-5Ultrasonic Bath Set- For Cleaning Sieves or Screen Trays
  GUBA-1Extra Sieve Holder Rack for GUB-1
  GUBA-4Special Purpose Detergent Concentrate - One gallon
  DD1Brush- (Wood Handle)
  DD2Brush- (Wire Loop Handle)
  GTSA-170Brush- Wire Cloth (Bristle)
  GTSA-171Brush- Wire Cloth (Brass for Trays)
  GTSA-172Brush- Wire Cloth (Brass for Sieves)