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Geotest direct-residual shear machines combine accuracy and reliability of dead load with the flexibility of pneumatic normal loading. This is accomplished by using a small built-in load cell to measure the actual normal stress being applied to a specimen.


Product #ProductNameReadability W/Load CellStrain Measurement(Inch)Strain Measurement(mm)Stress Readability(lbf)Stress Readability(N)Approx Shipping Weight
  JS2213ADirect-Residual Shear0.1 lbf0.5, 1 Inch12, 25 mm0.1 lbf1 N160 lb
  JS2215ADirect-Residual Shear0.1 lbf0.6, 1 Inch15, 25 mm0.1 lbf1 N160 lb
  JS2216Computer Controlled Direct-Residual Shear Apparatus0.1 lbf0.6, 1 Inch15, 25 mm0.1 lbf1 N160 lb
  JS2238Direct Shear Data Acquisition SystemN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
  JS2239Direct Shear Post Processing SoftwareN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A