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Series 662 Automatic Tampers (Proctor)

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• Operator liberated for other duties during actual compaction.
• Prior compactions reproduced by different persons.
• Adjusts to specimen elevations so each drop is from specified height.
• Will accept Molds up to 12inch high. Simple Operation One revolution of the counter Reset Crank starts the series of blows programmed for the compaction. With each revolution of the motor driven fly-wheel, the lever-multiplied scissor-action Grabber picks up the rammer while it rests on the specimen. As the rammer is lifted, it is circulated for distribution of the blow. When the Grabber has risen the specified distance (12inch or 18inch), it releases the rammer for a free fall drop. Thus, a drop is relative to the specimen elevation every time, and adjustments between specimen layers are avoided. After the final blow in the series, the Programming Counter automatically stops the compaction. HEIGHT OF DROP is easily changed by swinging the Cable Travel Quick-Changer outward on the flywheel for 18inch drops or inward for 12inch drops, hanging the Grabber on the end ball of the Cable for 18inch drops or on the inside ball for 12inch drops and moving the grabber Engager for the new height. NUMBER OF BLOWS required for the compaction series is achieved by presetting each digit on a small number wheel beside the corresponding count wheel of the Programming Counter. DISTRIBUTION OF BLOWS is controlled by the easily set angle of the Spacer Rod, which rotates the Grabber as it lifts and circulates the rammer. The rammer has a tubular, chrome plated, steel shaft with screw fixtures and a phenolic guide disc. The shaft moves in a phenolic bushing, and the disk is guided by four cadmium plated 5/8inch steel rods. The frame and flywheel are welded steel with two coats of transport enamel. Mold mount fixtures index and hold Series 665 Mold Assemblies or virtually any other except our Series 662 Specimen Molds. A 115V/60C/1PH source is required for the 1/3 hp gearhead motor, manual operations is possible in the event of power failure. The operating space is approximately 2 x 2 x 7 ft. high. Operates most conveniently on a surface about 30inch high.


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  662EPAutomatic Tampers