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Speedy Moisture Tester

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Gives fast, accurate measurements of moisture content in powders, mixes, pastes-of soil, sand, clay, or any granular material. Portable for field use. Pressure gauge is calibrated for direct reading of percentage of moisture in specimen. Includes pressure gauge, tarred balance, measuring scoop, cleaning cloth, brushes, and oak carrying case. Meets ASTM D4944; AASHTO T217. Separate calibration kit assures continued accuracy every time. Approx. Ship. Wt. 18 Ib.


Product #ProductName
  HU4963Speedy ® Moisture Tester - 20g.
  HU4964Speedy ® Moisture Tester- 6g.
  ARAR Reagent CTN. 24 One LB. Cans