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PAV (Pressure Aging Vessel)

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PR 9300 PAV system (with interated System Controller) manufactured by Prentex, performs accelerated aging of asphalt binder samples in accordance with AASH TO PP-1 and ASTM D -6521 versions of the Standard Practice for Accelerated Aging of Asphalt Binder using a Pressurized Aging Vessel ( PAV ) .

• The only PAV System on the market that meets all of the apparatus requirements. It delivers the dependable quality that your SHRP binder laboratory demands.
• Hinged, bolted PAV cover and compact stainless steel cabinet - easy to maintain, fits against the wall or in a corner on your laboratory table - even fits under overhead shelves
• System Controller provides automatic timing of the aging run and end-of-test shut-down. Displays critical data, and provides for faster stabilization of temperature after pressurization. Improved system performance and repeatability of results due to elimination of some operator manual functions. Stores temperature and pressure data for later downloading to a Windows equipped PC computer, can share computer with other laboratory equipment. Year 2000 compliant, the controller is available separately to upgrade older Series PR9300 PAV Systems.
• Precision stainless steel sample racks meet levelness requirements
• Energy Efficient - no special wiring required can run on optional back - up power supply during brief power outages. Prentex Model UPS9300 Plus provides approximately 45 minutes back up power. Draws a maximum of 525 watts during warm-up, less than 60 watts when at stable temperature very little heat load on labratory's HVAC system. Available in 100-125 volt, 10 Amp, 50-60 Hz AC and 208-252 Volt, 5 Amp, 50-60 Hz AC versions.
• Shipped Complete - ready to connect to your wall elctrical power outlet, standard bottled compressed air and PC computer.
• ASME Code - stamped pressure vessel with hinged bolted cover, registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and designed for operation at up to 150° C and 2.45 MPa. Pressure vessels designed, manufactured and inspected to this standard are accepted in North America and many countries worldwide.
• The 100% stainless stell pressure vessel is supplied in accordance with the lab safety recommendations for asphalt pressure vessel.
• PAV temperature is maintained ± 0.3° C: pressure is maintained ± 0.03 MPa during the aging period following stabilization within the allowable time following pressurization.
• Meets all AASHTO and proposed ASTM apparatus requirements regarding vessel dimensions, temperature and pressure control. Temperature and pressure data are controlled to tighter standards than required and are logged and stored in the System Controller for later downloading to user's PC-type Computer.
• Ensures multiple levels of safety in both temperature and pressure control systems, preventing operation of the pressure vessel in excess of its design limits. European Community marked. (CE-Rated)
• Air supply - a regulator and connecting hose for bottled industrial or breathable grade compressed air is included. (Compressed oxygen must not be used) Overseas customers must furnish a suitable compressed air regulator.
• Space - efficient - occupies only 650mm x 430mm (25 1/2inch x 17inch) of counter space and requires only 790mm (31inch) of overhead clearance. Weighs only 73 Kg. (160 Ib) normal laboratory counters and tables should provide adequate support.
• The only PAV system on the market capable of operating on a standard computer back-up power supply during brief electrical outages


Product #ProductNameStandardsPower RequirementsAssembly / Accessories
  PR 9300A/SCPR 9300A/SC Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV)- Complete with System ControllerAASHTO PP-1 / ASTM D-6521100-125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 10 Amp.Bolt wrench, calibration instruments, (N.I.S.T. traceable), extra sample pan racks, sample pans, spare O-ring gaskets and more.
  PR 9300E/SCPR 9300E/SC Pressure Aging Vessel (PAV)- Complete with System ControllerAASHTO PP-1 / ASTM D-6521208-250V AC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amp.Bolt wrench, calibration instruments, (N.I.S.T. traceable), extra sample pan racks, sample pans, spare O-ring gaskets and more.