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CBR Apparatus Replacement Parts

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California Bearing Ratio (CBR) apparatus, developed from specifications of the California State Highway Department, the laboratory apparatus used in this method determines the bearing ratio of soil when it is compacted and tested in the laboratory by comparing the penetration load of the soil to that of a standard material. The method covers the evaluation of the relative quality of subgrade soils, but is applicable to subbase and some base course materials. Meets ASTM D1883; AASHTO T193.


Product #ProductNameQuantity in Set
  HU4151Replacement Parts - MoldFour
  HU4153Replacement Parts - Spacer DiscOne
  HU4154Replacement Parts - Filter ScreensFour
  HU4172Replacement Parts - Swell PlatesTwo
  HU4158Replacement Parts - Tripod AttachmentOne
  HU4158.1Replacement Parts - Dial IndicatorOne
  HU4175Replacement Parts - Surcharge WeightsFour
  HU4176Replacement Parts - Slotted Surcharge WeightsFour
  HU4170Replacement Parts - Density HammerOne
  HU4144Replacement Parts - Straight EdgeOne
  HU4174Replacement Parts - Cutting EdgeOne