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Gyratory- Shear Molding Press

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For painlessly molding bituminous mixtures into 4inch dia. specimens (Hveem or Marshall). All critical dimensions, bearings and RPM duplicate THD motorized apparatus, Test Method Tex-206- F (part II). Turntable automatically stops in loading position. Rainhart features include mold tilt control handle attached to press head for safety mold can be cocked or squared while gyrating Cat. No. 140CS Programming Counter allows any number of revolutions to be dialed motor and electric brake relay controlled filtered hydraulic oil rapid piston advance pump adjustable stroke metering pump self-bleeding every stroke needle valve pressure bleed-off for convenient cycling dead weight calibrated end-point gauge piston face, platen, mold base plated and circular track hardened internally ground or honed mold whose specially hardened mold surface provides maximum wear resistance and inexpensive restoration pick-up bar (not shown) allows easy lifting. Bench space: W= 24 inch, D= 15 inch, H= 30 inch New Wt. Approx. 290lb. 115 V AC 60 C 1 PH (others quoted upon request) 3/4 hp, electric brake, 10/1 gear box, No. 50 chain drive. Complete with Mold, Mold Base Plate, Extraction Pedestal and instructions. Approx. Ship. Wt. 350 lb.


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