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Bending Beam Rheometers

The Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) is used to measure low-temperature (ambient to -36°C) flexural creep stiffness. During testing, a constant load (0-450 g) is applied to the centre of a small asphalt beam for a selected duration. Deflection of centre-point of the beam is measured continuously within 0.155 µ and monitored by computer. Test parameters are input via computer, which also displays and prints a plot of load vs. deflection and calculates stiffness at the lowest temperature anticipated. Test takes about 6 minutes. Thermoelectric model GHM-54 (TE-BBR) uses modem Peltier technology to cool the bath via surrounding solid state cooling modules to within 0.03°C. An adjustable-speed magnetic stirrer ensures uniform temperature. Shipping Data: 260Ib.


Product #ProductNameStandards
  GHM 54Bending Beam RheometersASTM P 245, AASHTO TP1