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Bohlin Instrument's Rheometers (Air Bearing Model)

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The Rheometer is designed to measure an asphalt binder's mechanical properties, such as modulus (stiffness). Viscosity (flow or resistance to flow) and elasticity (ability to recover when deformed), at whatever tempreature and traffic loading a road way is subjected to. The DSR's hardware and software work together to complete the testing process. The operator only has to load the sample and push the start button. The computer and software insures the result is compliant with the methods of AMRL. The process begins when the operator loads a few grams of asphalt binder between the DSR's two horizontal, parallel metal plates that are 1 inch in diameter and 0.04 inches apart. These plates are then submerged in the instrument's Total Immersion Bath, where water is used to control the sample's temperature. This temperature system is designed to provide ± 0.05° temperature stability. The DSR's software is designed to bring the sample to a slate of thermal equilibrium and once the sample has reached that point, it is held for 10 minutes with no more than a ± 0.18°F deviation prior to testing. The DSR's top plate is connected to an air-bearing motor, which causes the upper plate to oscillate. The motor applies a precise sine wave, at 10 radians per second at a predetermined amplitude, to the plate that is in contact with the asphalt binder sample. The rheometer measure both the stress and the strain to determine the modulus, or stiffness. The rheometer also measures the amount of elastic or viscous behavior the asphalt exhibits during the test. The result of the test will indicate whether or not that particular grade of asphalt is acceptable to prevent rutting and cracing on the road for which that grade was intended. The DSR is also used in field labs to support field- sampling programs. Binder samples are taken from hot mix asphalt plants, tested for quality assurance, and the results are then reported as to whether or not the sample is compliant with the specs. If the sample doesn't meet spec, then its use is not suggested. Includes complete installation and operational training, full year warranty covering all parts and labor. Also, includes travel expenses to insure proper operation of the instrument. The software will be warranted for 3 years to include no charge upgrades, as released.


Product #ProductNamePower RequirementsAir Requirements
  BDSR-II-I(A)BDSR-II-I (A) Bohlin Instrument's Dynamic Shear Rheometers (Air Bearing Model)115 VAC60 psig of clean compressed air at 2scfm