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Series 150 Stabilometers- Variable Height Bases

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The Stabilometer was originally developed by Francis Hveem (then of the California Department of Highways) to indicate the relative ability of a bituminous pavement to resist plastic deformation under the action of traffic. Narrower apparatus-The instrument can be inserted in many 10,000 Ib test presses, e.g. Cat. No. 767 Autographic Compression Machine. This allows greater usability and represents a major economy. Easily operates-100 psi can be reached by turning the pump handle with one finger. And the pump has 1/4inch travel per revolution, saving 60% motion over its predecessor. Special dial indicator mount- The dial indicator is easily zeroed by merely pressing the drive finger back against the pump housing. The assembly is protected from overtravel because when the finger strikes a stop, the drive rod slides harmlessly onward. Molded sleeve- The sealing and tensioning of the diaphragm is significantly simplifide with molded cuffs. Repeatable tension is achieved by tightening six screws until the lower clamp ring is seated against a shear ring. No special tools required for Diaphragm Replacement. Enchanced hydraulics- Units use Type A Automatic Transmission Fluid with Dexron II, available at service stations and supermarkets throughout the world. Ports are provided at two strategic locations for ease of filling and for bleeding air. Provision is made for bleeding air from the gauge while it is still on the apparatus. The pump piston can not be inadvertently removed. A simple valve seals the pressure gauge when replacing the diaphragm, thus eliminating the need to re-bleed air from the gauge. Pick-up-point- An eyebolt is located over the center of gravity.


Product #ProductNameStandards
  150A150A Stabilometer Set - ASTM Type/ New MexicoASTM D1560 & D2844, AASHTO T-246 & T-190, CALIF. 301, 304-D, 366 & 367
  151151 Stabilometer Set - TexasASTM D1560 & D2844, AASHTO T-246 & T-190, CALIF. 301, 304-D, 366 & 367