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Autographic Equipment for Marshall Method

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• The Breaking Head assembled with a specimen is centered in the Tester by inserting it against two platen stops. The press control switch is moved down testing and recording begin simultaneously and terminate automatically upon the completion of the test. The switch lever is flipped up and the Tester opens automatically just enough to receive the next specimen. The chart is manually advanced to its tear line for separation.
• Triple Range- A knob selects 0-2,500, 0-5,000, or 0-10,000 load range,all three ranges appear on each chart.
• 120 Chart Refill- Each chart is separated from the roll by using a convenient tear-off bar. Chart folds to file size.
• High Reliability- Only quality components are used throughout stable power supplies excite both the load cell and wheatstone bridge in the recorder.
• Accurate- The press is calibrated within 1% of indicated load prior to shipment using a ring dynamometer that was dead weight calibrated and traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.
• Line voltage- The apparatus is suitable for operation with 115V AC 60C current. A front service outlet is provided.
• Control- The off/on switch is fitted with a pilot light. When the power is on, the amplifire, load cell and their power supplies warm up. A modified motor reversing drum switch is provided that has three position DOWN closes the press and drives the chart UP opens the press, and CENTER position is off. Adjustable 2-way limit switch actuators, controlling the crosshead extreme verticaly positions, automatically returns the drum switch to OFF.
• Capacity- The test press has a maximum capacity of 10,000 lb. Three ranges of total load each provide full scale chart travel 0-2,500, 0-5,000 and 0-10,000

• Clearance- Minimum clearance in the fully open position between press platen and load cell ball seat (daylight) exceeds 12inch horizontal clearance between press rods is 10 1/4 inch.
• Loading is applied to the specimen by means of a screw-type mechanism driven by a 1/2 hp electric motor. A variable pitch motor pulley provides adjustment of the rate of press closure this uniform rate is maintained at 2 inch per minute over its total travel. Motor reversal allows the presshead to be retracted at the same rate. The distance limit switch terminates the test.
• Stress transducer- The testing machine is equipped with a BLH load cell having a load capacity of 0-10,000 lb. 0.1% linearity, a compensted temperature range of 15° F to 150° F and 150% safe overload. A suitable Lambda power supply is furnished.
• Recorder.
• The stress signal from the load cell is translated in to movement of the recording pen. The chart has a 10 inch ordinate divided into 100 parts each division equals 25 lb. for the 2500 lb. range 50 lb, for the 5,000 lb. range, and 100 lb. for the 10,000 lb. range. A load limit switch is provided at the recorder to prevent over-loading the apparatus.
• The strain (chart drive) is driven by a stepper motor programmed from the press jack shaft and drives 40inch of chart per minute equaling 2inch of press travel per minute. The roll chart abscissa is divided into 5 parts per inch each division equals 0.010inch of press head travel.
• Press travel is calibrated by varying the pitch of a variable V-pulley.
• A Ring dynamometer is furnished for daily checking of calibration.
• Press construction- Continuously threaded press rods of 1 1/4 inch dia. 5 pitch Acme, which are vertically fixed. provide full presshead travel the rods are revolved by worm gears in the oil flooded cast aluminum box section base stationary nuts attached to the cast aluminum box section presshead, activate press closure. Platen stops automatically center both 4 inch and 6 inch dia. breaking head or ring dynamometer basses. Press rods are on 12 inch centers.
• Cabinet of steel, is furnished with a reinforced top a shelf and doors allow locked storage of the portable, plug-in recorder.


Product #ProductName
  760760 Automatic Tester & Recorder
  765765 Autographic Compression Machine
  760MC760MC Recorder Chart, PKG/4 Rolls
  760BH4760BH4 Breaking Head