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Digital Counters and Timers

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Rainhart Co. has introduced digital counters and timers for the Mary Ann (sieve shaker), and the Automatic tamper (proctor). The digital Mary Ann with 8 inch & 12 inch sieve combinations is catalog number 637D Mary Ann. The most popular digital Automatic Tamper Proctor machine is catalog number 662 S13. This has 4 inch & 6 inch molds and mold collars with all combinations of hammers and supplemental weight included. If you already have a Rainhart Co. Automatic Tamper. you can retrofit a digital counter in place of the analog counter that originally came with the unit. The retro fit counter is catalog no. 662-1650CK Counter Kit.


Product #ProductName
  637DLaboratory Sifter,12 & 8 inch
  662-1650CKCounter Kit