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Solvent Reclaimer

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Reclaims material from contaminated, NON-FLAMMABLE solvents, such as perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene, freon TF, freon TMS and fluorinert. Use of the SPEE-DISTILL substantially reduces the need for buying expensive solvents which are ordinarily thrown out when contaminated. It is ruggedly constructed and has no moving parts. Isolated high-wattage heating elements vaporize pure solvent and cooling water condenses vapor cooling and unattended recovery via the outlet tube. Fully automatic, operates unattended and will shut off when process is completed. Recovery over 4 gallons of solvent is less than two hours. Comes equipped with input and output water hoses, water cooled heat exchanger, lid and seal, 6 foot heavy duty cord and a 3 wire plug for electrically grounded operation. When ordering, please specify 120V or 240V operation. Diameter 21 inch and height approximately 27 inch. Capacity 5 gallons.


Product #ProductNameCapacity
  ASD15FASD15F Solvent Reclaimer® with 5 gallon capacity5 Gallon
  ASD15PASD15P Solvent Reclaimer® with 15 gallon capacity15 Gallon