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Rolling Thin Film Oven

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This Rolling Thin-Film asphalt over is especially designed for testing the effect of heat and air on a moving film of asphalt in accordance with ASTM Designation D2872-88, AASHTO designation T240-87 and California test method 346-E. It has a large observation window in the door that provides a clear view of sample bottles and themometer. Stainless Steel interior leveling legs bottle carousel is easily removed for cleaning digital temperature controller enhances reliability and stability to save time and reduce errors solid state relay heater control and hi-limit over temperature protection. Includes eight sample bottles and ASTM loss-on-heat-thermometer.


Product #ProductNamePower RequirementsApprChamber Size WxDxHApprOverall Size WxDxHCapacityCarrWheel- SpeedFAN SpeedFAN RatingControl StabilityRecovery TimeOperating RangeHeaterPlug Connector
  DRTFO-1DRTFO-1 Asphalt Rolling Thin-Film Oven240V, 60Hz, 1 Ph16x17 1/2x13 1/2 Inch38 1/2x28x37 Inch8 No. of bottles15 ± 0.2 rpm1725 rpm1/4 HP? at 325 °FDoor open 2 minutes at 302 =< 10 minutes °F30 Over Fresh air inlet temperature to 400 °F2.0 kW13.2(14.7 on 208) A