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• Test compressive strength of flat and curved structures, slabs and pavements, columns, pipe.
• Replaces or augments core and cylinder testing.
• Tests for safety of stripping forms.
• Checks questionable data from other types of concrete testing, even insid

Wherever Concrete is Used Windsor probes test concrete at construction sites to determine the compressive strength of floors, ceilings, walls, curved sections, slabs, pavement, pier caps, columns, pipes. Since the WP 532-CF is fast in operation, it

Accuracy- concrete is tested in-place, not in the form of cylinders or cores that may or may not be identical to the material as it is used.
Speed- tests are made in as little as 5 minutes.
Excellent Correlation with laboratory des

The many applications include testing detensioning strength for prestressed concrete, in lieu of cores for concrete pipe, inspection of fire damage, evaluation of older bridges and structures and testing of building system panels.


Product #ProductName
  WP532-CFThe Complete WP-532-CF
  JP532-CFJP532-CF Windsor Probe Test System
  JPRS-01JPRS-01 Windsor Silver Probe Kit
  JPRS-03JPRS-03 Windsor Gold Probe Kit