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Recording Beam Testers

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Record of Loading to prove application within specified rates and to show maximum applied load.

Reduced Discrepancies & Cost because operator needs no technical experience and little instruction or practice.

Load Application at a uniform rate and avoiding shock as now required under most standards.

1%Accuracies with minimum possibilities for human error.

Minimum Maintenance & Injury Risks through built-in durability and design features.

Full Compliance with current methods, including ASTM C78. Crosshead Assembly(Support Blocks) - One cross-head bearing block has a rod pivot, the other a ball pivot. Threaded sprockets integrate the crossheads with the all-thread tie rods. The turning of the sprockets, hence, the vertical motion of the crossheads, is coordinated by a loop of ASA standard roller chain. The 18inch span between the crossheads is stabilized by two 3/8 x 1inch aluminum alloy bars.

Loading Head (Load-applying Blocks)-A loading head is attached to the piston, which is centered under the 18inch span, 416th Third-point Loading Head has a center rod pivot, and both bearing blocks have ball pivots 3inch to either side of the rod. The bearing block of 416CH Center-point Loading Head pivots on a center rod that is parallel to the 18inch span. Third-point/center-point conversion of apparatus is the simple exchange of loading heads.

Hydraulic System The fluid reservoir is in the left side of the base casting. The pump draws fluid through a filter in the reservoir and past a check valve. Then it forces the fluid past another check valve to a manifold connecting the piston and the recorder. The control valve located on top of the manifold allows the fluid to return to the reservoir when the piston is retracted Hydraulic oil is readily available (Type A automatic transmission fluid).

Pump AssemblyThe single action pump was designed so that loads will be applied at a uniform rate and in such a manner as to avoid shock as outlined in ASTM and other test methods. An anti-friction screw and nut with 87 circulation balls actuates the pump piston. The handwheel is convenient for easy operation. Two clear acrylic windows are provided for observing the progress of the pump piston.

RecorderThe 15 min./rev.chart drive and all Bristol components are mounted inside cast aluminum alloy housing. Cast hinged door has acrylic window and magnetic latch. Tester is adjusted within 1% of indicated load using dead weight calibrated device.


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  416Recording Beam Tester