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Third-Point Loading- TCM Recording Charts, PKG/400

The loading chart has two rates of applied load spirals dependent on the depth of the specimen in order to constantly increase the extreme fiber stress optimally between 862 and 1206 kPa/min. One loading spiral (SI) is 7500 N/min for depths of specimen between 149.4 and 153.4 mm (1016 KPa/min for nominal 150 x 150 mm cross-sections). The second loading spiral (IP) is 7865.79 N/min for depths of specimen between 151.5 and 155.5 mm (1016 kPa/min for nominal 152.4 x 152.4 mm, i.e. 6x6 inch., cross-sections). Both spirals indicate maximum applied load (P) when rupture occurrs directly in Newtons.] Calculate the moduls of rupture (R) using formulas in the standard test method, typically;


Product #ProductNameStandard
  416TCM416 TCM Recording Charts, PKG/400ASTM C78