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Center-Point Loading- Elastic Checking Device

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For venfying and calibrating 415 beam breakers and 416 recording beam testers with an elastic calibration device (ASTM Designations; E4, AASHO Designation; T67). Loads are accurately measured by a National Bureau of standards (NBS) calibrated 20,000 lb. capacity 830R20 Ring. Dynamometer mounted in a special loading frame, which properly positions the device. The ring dynamometer may be removed for other uses. Its dial indicator is fully jeweled for long-life accuracy. Consists of loading frame, mounted ring dynamometer, original NBS Report of calibration, photocopy of that report and sturdy protective carrying case. Price and delivery quoted upon request (they vary in relation to NBS charges and time required for their calibration). 400 Elastic calibration device except 830R20 ring dynamometer is factory calibrated. Approx. Ship. Wt. 45 lb.


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  405405 Elastic Checking Device