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Automatic Compactor for Bituminous Mixtures

Mechanically Operated Hammer

Autographic Equipment for Marshall Method

•The Breaking Head assembled with a specimen is centered in the Tester by inserting it against two platen stops. The press control switch is moved down testing and recording begin simultaneously and terminate automatically upon the completion of the test. The switch lever is flipped up and the Tester opens automatically just enough to receive the next specimen. The chart is manually advanced to its tear line for separation.
•Triple Range- A knob selects 0-2,500, 0-5,000, or 0-10,000 load range,all three ranges appear on each chart.
•120 Chart Refill- Each chart is separated from the roll by using a convenient tear-off bar. Chart folds to file size.
•High Reliability- Only...

Test Fixture with Loading Strips

Marshall Test Set

The Lindberg/Blue line of redesigned waterbaths are the industry's most comprehensive and advanced products of constant temperature equipment. A microprocessor-based digital temperature control is recessed into the front panel to protect it from spillage and moisture. Mechanical circulation and bath chamber insulation provide uniformity of ۪.1°C from ambient to 90°C. The instrument simultaneously displays both the actual and setpoint temperatures for easy reference. Every bath has seamless stainless steel sides with rounded corners, which helps make cleaning easy and aids a smooth circulation pattern in the chamber. Their compact and rugged design allows a lower profile with less benchtop sp...

Digital Counters and Timers

Rainhart Co. has introduced digital counters and timers for the Mary Ann (sieve shaker), and the Automatic tamper (proctor). The digital Mary Ann with 8 inch & 12 inch sieve combinations is catalog number 637D Mary Ann. The most popular digital Automatic Tamper Proctor machine is catalog number 662 S13. This has 4 inch & 6 inch molds and mold collars with all combinations of hammers and supplemental weight included. If you already have a Rainhart Co. Automatic Tamper. you can retrofit a digital counter in place of the analog counter that originally came with the unit. The retro fit counter is catalog no. 662-1650CK Counter Kit.