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C/E Gyratory

U.S Crops of Engineers Gyratory Testing Machine

The GTM is combination compaction and simple-shear testing machine, suited to use with cylindrical specimens of soils and base course materials as well as bituminous mixes, Desired vertical loading (anticipated maximum tire contact pressure for bituminous surface course) and degree of shear strain (gyratory angle) are selected. Then sample material is placed in the mold, the mold is clamped in the chuck, and the machine is started. Upper and lower rollers travel around the chuck flange to transmit a gyrating kneading motion to the specimen based on a user preset gyratory angle from 0° to 3° between the rollers. While this machine induced angle is fixed, the angle developed by the floating mo...

GRM Mobile Testing Lab

The GHMA-609 is a complete mobile testing lab for field control and verification of plant mix asphalt quality. In addition to a Model GHM-604C fully-computerized Gyratory Testing Machine (GTM) for 4 inch (102 mm) dia. Specimens the customized trailer includes 17 ft². of work bench with a 3.2 ft². gravity convention oven, a 5000g x 0.1g electronic top loader balance with weigh-below hook, and a hydraulic specimen extractor. A gyratory compaction test to equilibrium with computer printout showing specimen density, shear strength, and shear strain can be completed in 20 minutes to verify on-the-job mix quality during Superpave or other mix production or placement work. The system gives proof th...