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Ohaus Mechanical Balances

The above CENT-O-GRAM® and DIAL-O-GRAM® Balances represent the Ohaus commitment to quality, performance and value. With advanced engineering and tooling, time-tested durability, up to 311g capacity and 0.01g readability, it's no wonder these balances are favored in laboratories around the world. For specific gravity determination, both models feature a special platform recessed in the base which can be raised when needed. The 310 is identical to the 311, but features a vernier dial to replace two of the beams-a great time savor when performing routine weighings

Scout Series Electronic Balance

Competitively priced Scout is easy to use, calibrate and clean. It gives superior performance. The unit features large stainless steel weighing surface and weigh below hook. Weighing modes are: g, oz, ozt, dwt, and parts counting. The unit is powered by either 100, 120, 220, 240V AC, 50/60Hz adapter which is furnished or one 9V battery (not included). Auto shut-off and low battery indicator are standard. Calibration mass included.

Voyager Series Electronic Balances

Voyager Series Balances give you the freedom of choice to select what is right for you. It gives you industrial capacity with the resolution of a precision laboratory balance. Eleven user friendly applications with pop-up windows and help text to easily guide you. They have high resolution; backlit display with brightness and contrast control. Also have user selectable stability levels; user selectable filters; stability indicator; auto-zero tracking; RS232 bidirectional interface with selectable baud rates; weigh below capacity; menu and calibration lockout switch. Models are CSA certified of CSA 1010-1, UL 3101-1 and IEC 1010-1. Also FCC approved. Balances are protected by a 5 year warrant...

Explorer Series Electronic Balances

Explorer Series Balances have the technology that makes it easier to use. When you need a reliable balance at a reasonable price, look no further. It is big on features, but small on price. Also, it is an incredible combination of performance and value. Four cursor keys provide easy menu navigation and lead you through on-screen prompts for a wide range of applications. And our one key/one function buttons make it incredibly easy to operate. Features like an up-front level bubble and spill gutter make the Explorer even more user-friendly. When additional features are needed, you can easily upgrade to the Ohaus Voyager balance with a simple snap-in module. Easy to use and easy to afford, the ...

Adventure Series Electronic Balances

Adventurer Electronic Balances are as easy to use as they are precise. They are ideal for general laboratory, industrial and educational applications requiring multiple weighing modes. Since they operate using only three buttons, Adventurer Balances eliminate the need for extensive training. They are the economical way to weigh with precision.

•Economically priced
•Simple three-button operation
•Multiple weighing units including parts counting
•RS232 interface standard
•Eronomic leveling system

Moisture Analysis Series Balances

The Moisture Analyzer is perfect for environmental, quality control, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical industries, and more. This fast, rugged analyzer gives you the flexibility you need and the accuracy you require for moisture determination. The OHMB45 combines state-of-the-art heating with highly accurate weighing technology to deliver a faster, more precise method of moisture analysis. Infrared halogen technology begins drying your sample in seconds. The unique gold reflective housing serves to create a more uniform distribution of heat improving analyzer accuracy.

•Fast halogen element provides uniform infrared heating up to 200°C.
•Superior analytical performanc...