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Benkleman Beam and Aggregate Testing

Benkelman Beam

A simple and portable apparatus for measuring the deflection of flexible pavements under slowly moving wheel loads. The design is similar to that of the Federal Highway Administration, but an aluminum extrusion has been substituted for the wooden beam to prevent warp age, Furnished complete with micrometer dial and storage case.

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

The LA Abrasion Machine is used to test crushed rock, slag, and gravel for their resistance to abrasion. The Unit has a welded frame are welded to ensure strength and have tight fitting cover is run through a gear reduction unit. The control panel has start, stop, and reset buttons. There is a manually set counter that stops the rotation at a preset number of revolutions. The drum can be turned by hand for ease in loading. The unit is furnished with a catch part and 12 steel balls. Approx. Ship Wt. 1000 lb.