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Proving Rings

Proving Rings

The HG3831 thru HG3844 are single compression proving rings with dial gauge reading to .0001 inch. The rings are constructed from heat treated, plated, alloy steel. The blocks are plated steel with a 3/4 inch tapped hole. Also furnished with the proving rings is a dial-gauge and calibration chart. The HG3863 thru HG3872 are double compression proving rings. These proving rings have a high sensitivity at low ends since only one ring deforms until contracting the second ring. The dial gauge has a reading to .001 inch. The rings are constructed from heat treated, plated, alloy steel. The blocks are aluminum with 1/4 inch tapped hole. Also furnished with dial gauge and calibration chart. Approx....

High Capacity Proving Rings

The HG3901 & HG3902 High Capacity Proving Rings are designed for calibration of concrete testing machines. These proving rings with their low profile design are also designed for other application requiring high capacities. These proving rings are much lighter than other comparable capacities resulting in easier handling. Although the amount of deflection is reduced with this type of design, it is still sufficient to provide low uncer tainties with good readability. The rings have an uncertainty of .075% (.75 Ibf per 1000 Ibf of capacity), the readability is 1/10 division (.24% of full scale), and a sensitivity of 1/20 division (.012% of full scale). An adjustable vernier index is furnished ...

Morehouse Proving Rings

Morehouse Proving Ring is recognized for its lasting retention of unquestionable accuracy in the measurement of mechanical forces. For this reason, it is accepted as the final standard in the calibrating of testing machines, torque measuring dynamometers, thrust stands, electronic and hydraulic load cells and many other force measuring devices and systems. The steel ring in the Proving Ring is machined from a special alloy steel forging. The internal bosses to which the deflection measuring apparatus is attached, as well as the external bosses, are machined as an integral part of the ring. This process of making the ring is necessary if the finished Proving Ring is to be truly reli able stan...