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Vacuum Extractor

Used for quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples. Unit is stainless steel 3000g capacity combination vacuum/storage tank, and 12 inch dia. filtering surface. Unit includes connecting hose, 50 HU1497.613. Filter papers, test procedure, see-through extraction gauge, sight tube and vacuum gauge. For replacement filter paper, use HU1497 Series. Order HU1760 vacuum pump separately. Meets ASTM D2172 (Meth.E), AASHTO T164 (Meth.E).

Free-Flow Vacuum Plate

Prevents vacuum flow problems when performing vacuum extractor test. This heavy-duty stainless steel plate won't draw down when vacuum is applied. Prevents blockage of flow holes. Solvent always passes through freely for consistently accurate test results. Eliminates problems and speeds testing. Can be used with both models HU1448 and HU1449 Vacuum Extractors.

Oil-Less Diaphragm Vacuum Pump/Compressor

Oil-less shaded pole diaphragm vacuum pump/compressor pulls 25.5 inch Hg maximum-obtainable vacuum and has built-in-automatic overload protection, resilient rubber feet, 3-wire cord, inline switch, plug assembly, inlet filter, gauge and filter-muffler assembly. Pump requires no lubrication and discharges no oil or carbon dust. Long-life Nordel Nomex diaphragm, cast-aluminium housing and stainless steel valves are resistant to methyline, chloride, alcohol and other vapors.

Repair Kit For HU1760 Vacuum Pump

Repair kit includes one head gasket, two filter muffler elements, one filter element. Two replacement leaf valves with valve screws and retainers and replacement diaphragm.

Vacuum Extractor- Accessories