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Sample Extruders

These inexpensive single purpose workhorse extractors are recommended for routine testing. A five-ton commercial jack is equipped with a single speed pump and hand knob release valve. A simple lever and hinged strut provides means for rapid and convenient retraction of the piston. Automatic mold centering against stops. Two 3/4inch dia. holes in base allow bolting to bench.

Soil Shrinkage

To determine shrinkage factor of soils. The molds are filled with a slurry which has free water. As evaporation occurs, the length of the specimen remains full but the thickness decreases until cohesion occurs. The bars then shrink in length until zero moisture is reached. Test Method (Tex-107- E). Aluminum alloy casting with six individually machined 3/4x3/4x5inch specimen molds. .Approx. Ship .Wt. 2 lb

Speedy Moisture Tester

Gives fast, accurate measurements of moisture content in powders, mixes, pastes-of soil, sand, clay, or any granular material. Portable for field use. Pressure gauge is calibrated for direct reading of percentage of moisture in specimen. Includes pressure gauge, tarred balance, measuring scoop, cleaning cloth, brushes, and oak carrying case. Meets ASTM D4944; AASHTO T217. Separate calibration kit assures continued accuracy every time. Approx. Ship. Wt. 18 Ib.