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Soil Grinder Augers

Prepares soil samples to proper particle size for accurate, repeatable test results. Grinds one-pint sample in 15 seconds. Stainless steel construction. Includes a No. 10 perforated stainless steel plate. Approx. Ship Wt. 25 lb.

Auger, Spiral Type

For use in sampling soils, auger has 1 1/2inch dia. x 4inch long spiral-type auger bit. Features graduation marks every 6inch. Overall length 36inch including handle. Removable handle permits attachment of HU4251 extension for sampling beyond 36inch depths. Meets ASTM D420, D1452; AASHTO T86, T202. Approx. Ship Wt. 6 lb.

Auger, Iwan-Type

T-handle augers are also known as post-hole, Iwan-type or non-adjustable augers. Feature 36inch long steel shaft and hardwood cross handle. Available 2inch to 6inch diameter. Overall length 48inch. Meets ASTM D420, D1452; AASHTO T86, T202.