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Compaction and Sample Ejector

Rapid Soil Processor

Compact all-metal soil processor produces five-point moisture density relationship test results in about 5 hours. Processor also handles samples for rapid compaction or family of curves test. Processes up to 30 Ib. of lean-to-fat and tough clays at field moisture in fewer than 15 minutes. Automatically separates and retains up to 3/4inch rocks from soil to prolong screen life. Processes soil to pass a No. 4 screen. Offset rotating drum is motor driven; preset adjustments aren't necessary. Automatic operation frees up technician's time. Order easy-to-install replacement screen separately. Replacement parts are available. Overall dimensions: 32x36x53inch. Approx. Ship. Wt. 408 lb.

Rapid Soil Processor Replacement Parts

Harvard Miniature Compaction

Used for moisture density tests using small samples, its compaction type duplicates the kneading action of a sheeps-foot roller. Mold is 1 5/16inch dia. x 2.816inch H. Unit is designed so collar remover and specimen ejector are consolidated into one piece. Set includes specimen ejector, collar remover with spacer plate, mold holder, 1/454 cu. ft. volume mold and collar, compaction tamper with 20 Ib., 37.5 Ib., and 40 Ib. spring and operating instructions. Mold is machined from seamless tubing. Unit weight in pounds per cu. ft. m3 and the net weight of a compacted specimen in grams are figuratively equal.

Harvard Miniature Compaction Accessories

Sample Ejector

For removing soil samples from 6inch and 4inch molds, 2.8inch Shelby tube and 2inch sample tubes with a minimum of disturbance in laboratory or field. Upper reaction frame has recessed groove to receive 6inch standard molds; adapter plates allow use of other mold sizes and sample tubes. Ejector discs are easily attached to jack piston. Extrusion plates and ejector disc are stored in a holder when not in use. Ejection force of three tons (27.7kN) is provided by a hand- operated jack to full 8inch length push without additional mechanical operation. Overall dimensions 11Wx9Dx22inchH. Replacement parts are available. Meets ASTM D698, D558, D559. Approx. Ship Wt. 65 lb.