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Unconfined Compression

Unconfined Compression Apparatus

Standard Geotest unconfined compression machines are supplied with a double proving ring or load cell and digital display which reads directly to 0.1 Ibf or 1N and have a peak hold. Proving ring models include a calibration chart in both pounds and SI units. Pounds will be supplied unless SI units are specified. Strain is measured with a 1inch travel (25mm on SI versions) dial indicator. 2inch (50mm) dial indicators or EDDIs can replace dial indicator as an added option. On hand operated versions load is applied to the specimen by turning an aluminum hand crank connected to a gear box that drives the lower platen. Total platen movement is 3inch (76.2mm). Rate of strain is regulated by speed ...

Precision Compression Apparatus

These vibration-free compression apparatus are particularly suitable for applications requiring precise speed control, no vibration and versatility. A DC servo motor/generator provides a very accurate speed setting and a range from low to high speed of 0.0025 to 0.25 inch per minute. Speed is controlled within 1% of the set point and displayed digitally. Limit switches prevent over travel. Stress is sensed with a 2,000 Ibf load cell and digitally displayed to 0.1 Ibf. If SI units are specified, readings will be to 1N. Peak reading remains on display until manually reset. Strain is measured with a 1 inch travel dial indicator on Cat. No. JS2012A and with EDDI Cat. No. JS2014.5. The last 2 mod...