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Pressure Vessel

PAV (Pressure Aging Vessel)

PR 9300 PAV system (with interated System Controller) manufactured by Prentex, performs accelerated aging of asphalt binder samples in accordance with AASH TO PP-1 and ASTM D -6521 versions of the Standard Practice for Accelerated Aging of Asphalt Binder using a Pressurized Aging Vessel ( PAV ) .

•The only PAV System on the market that meets all of the apparatus requirements. It delivers the dependable quality that your SHRP binder laboratory demands.
•Hinged, bolted PAV cover and compact stainless steel cabinet - easy to maintain, fits against the wall or in a corner on your laboratory table - even fits under overhead shelves
•System Controller provides automatic timing o...

Vacuum Degassing Oven

The PR 9900 vacuum Degassing Oven manufactured by Prentex for Rainhart Co. is fully year 2000 compliant. It is designed to perform the degassing of PAV - aged asphalt paving binder samples in accordance with the requirements of AASHTO PP-1 and ASTM D-6521 Standard Practices. Its lift - off stainless steel cover with glass viewing window provide access to the stainless steel vacuum chamber, and the compact stainless steel cabinet requires less space than conventional vacuum ovens. The PR 9900 is energy - efficient, consuming a maximum of 7.5 amps (120 volt systems), the system draws an average of 3 amps during warm - up and vacuum operation. The unit is also space - efficient requiring only 1...