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Length comparators

Two models of comparators measure length changes of hardened cement paste, mortar and concrete prismatic specimens. Indicator is mounted on a strudy upright support attached to solid triangular base. Model HU3250D features easy to read digital indicator eliminating need to count revolution hands. Unit can be zeored at any point on the range and can be switched from inches to mm by passing a button. Includes stationary and movable anvils designed to fit the HU3260 gauge studs that are cast on test specimens and invar reference bar. Unit accommadates test specimens up to 4 x 4 inch cross section.

Replacement Part and Accessories for Comparators


Autoclave- For constant Steam Pressure with corresponding constant temperature from 60-350 psi. Consists of a high pressure steam vessel with thermometer well and bolted cover. Mounted on a sturdy frame and enclosed by heat insulating housing. With gage, pressure regulator safety valve air-vent valve, thermometer wrench and 100 gaskets. ASTM C151 Autoclave Expansion of Portland Cement AASHTO T107 less holder. Approx. Ship Wt. 200 lb.


Graphite-Asbestos as per 100. Approx. Ship Wt. 8 lb.