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Sample Preparation

Concrete Cylinder Accessories

Series RV Melting Pots

Each RV Melting Pot has cast aluminum crucible and base. Its 120V multiple circuit heating element (220V available if specified) is controlled by variable RTD electronic temperature sensor. There is 3inch fiberglass insulation between the crucible and stainless steel shell. The shell has a No. 4 finish. Complete with electrical cord/plug and separate aluminum cover.

Concrete Curing Tanks and Heaters

Briquet Mold

Mold (2inch cube)



Concrete Test Hammer

Test Anvil

Ball Penetration Apparatus

Slump Cone Set

For determining the slump of concrete in the field or a laboratory, as per ASTM C143. The set consists of a slump cone with handles and foot pieces, plated steel tamping rod 5/8inch x 24inch long with rounded end, galvanized mixing pan, 24 x 24 x 3inch wire brush and a steel trowel. Approx. Ship Wt. 28 lb.

Slump Cone Set Accessories

Base and Rod Set

Slump Cone

Graduated Tamping Rod-A

Tamping Rod

Slump Cone Base Plate

K-Slump Tester