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Compression Machines

TCM 2500 Series Concrete Compression Machines

•Complete Machine - Price includes platens for testing 6"x12" cylinders and safety guard doors.
•Wide Accuracy Range - Testing range of 2,500 Ib. to 250,000 Ib. with an accuracy range of ±.5% of indicated load.
The most popular indicator selected with the TCM2500 is the LD Series digital readout.
Accurate, rugged, compact and affordable. We have combined all of these features in the TCM2500-LD Compression Testing Mach ine making it the ideal unit for job site or laboratory testing use.
The TCM2500-LD is supplied complete with platen assembly for testing 6"x12" cylinders using either the sulphur cap or pad cap test method, plus the added safety f...

TCM 2500 Series Compression Testing Machines- Accessories

TCM 3000 Series Concrete Compression Machines

The TCM3000 series machine combines a rigid compact frame design. Digital accuracy and testing versality, giving you all of the features you look for in one affordably priced machine.

•Test everything from 8,500psi cylinders to beams in one machine.
•Rigid Frame
•With 10.5 million lb./in. frame stiffness, minimizes maintenance problems associated with pad cap testing.
•Wide Accuracy Range
•Testing range of 3,000 to 300,000 lb. with an accuracy of ±.5% of indicated load, with either of three available digital systems.
•Meets ASTM C39, E4 and AASTHO T22 specifications.
Rigid Frame
Its rigid load frame features our unique wrap ...

TCM 3000 Series Concrete Compression Machines- Accessories

Hydraulic Bourdon Tube Gauge

Available with either 12 inch or 8.5 inch dia. hydraulic bourdon tube gauges. The 12 inch gauge is a precision pressure indicator accurate to 0.1% of full scale, including the effects of hysteresis. The bourdon tube is oval in cross section and bent into

Spherically Seated Cylinder Platens

•Free floating and seats under pressure.
•Contact surface has scribed centering circles.
Used for testing 6inch and 4inch dia concrete cylinders and cores in compression. The Spherical disk assembly is precision machined so the maximum amount of contact surface is used in each head. This assures that the head is free floating and will seat under testing pressure. The heavy duty compression platen is 1-1/2 inch thick and 6.5 inch dia. The cylinder contact platen is hardened to Rockwell 55 and is ground to maintain planeness within .0005 inch in any 6 inch direction. The contact surface has scribed centering circles and is nickel plated for wear and corrosion resistance. The plat...

152 mm (6") Cube Testing

Used for testing 152mm concrete cubes and 152mm 6inch diameter cylinders in compression. The Spherical disk is precision machined to assure that the maximum amount of contact surface is used for stability under load. The contact surface is grounded for pl

2" (50 mm) Cube Platens

•For Testing Cubes and Cores.
•Used for testing 2 inch(50mm) cylinders and cores in compression.
The set consists of a spherically seated compression platen and a lower pedestal. The spherical disk assembly is precision machined to assure that the maximum amount of contact surface is used. The contact surface of the platen is 3.20 inch(81 mm) in dia., ground to .0005 inchin all directions and has been hardened to Rockwell 55 and nickel plated for wear and corrosion resistance. Retainer springs hold the assembly together while still allowing it to float freely. The lower pedestal has a contact surface of 2.9 inch (74mm). The contact surface is hardened and surface ground to a t...

Flexural Beam Testing

Used for testing either center or third point beams to determine the modulus of rupture. This machine mounts, two piece attachment mounts easily into all Test Mark manufactured machines. The upper head has drilled and tapped mounting holes for the adjustm

Block Platen Carrier Bracket Assembly

The carrier bracket is used to safety and quickly install and remove the block platen in a testing machine's load frame. The forks of the carrier bracket insert into a grove cut into the upper section of the platen and is locked in place. The carrier brac

Masonry Block Testing

Used for Testing concrete block and other masonry products of either a 8 inch or 12 inch (305mm) wide. The spherical disk is precision machined to assure that the maximum amount of contact surface is used for stability under load pressure. The load bearin

Spacers & Machine Mounting Stands

Spacers are used to adjust the vertical height in a machine for testing specimens of various sizes. On the 250,000 lb. machines. (TCM2500 series), the spacers are stacked on the bottom crosshead. On the 300,000, 400,000, 500,000 and 600,000 lb. machine(TC

SD-Digital System

The SD digital load and load rate indicator is the latest innovation from test mark designed to maximize accuracy, minimize operator interaction and improve test documentation.

•Display Live Load, Peak Stress and Peak Load.
•Auto-Test-Reset automatically enables the indicator at the start of the next test without requiring operator interaction.
•Indicates Load Rate on an LED bar graph. A lighted rate pointer moves between its pre-set load limits. Adjust the lower and upper load rate limits to the specimen testing requirements, example ASTM C39, 20 to 50 psi/sec for cylinders.
•Define and detect the end of the test with Sample Break Detector, Results are automatically ...