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Autographic Compression(Product# 767)

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To determine resistance to deformation of bituminous mixtures by mean of Hveem Stabilometer (ASTM Designation: D 1560 & AASHTO Designation: T-246), resistance to plastic flow of bituminous mixtures using Marshall Breaking Head and soil characteristics Presshead rapidly moved at 2 inch/min, with 1/2 hp 1725 rpm motor and screw-type mechanism. Alternately, load applied at 0.05inch minimum with 1/4 hp gearhead motor provision for adjusting precise rate of closure. Stress transducer comprised of seperate constant D.C. power supply as well as 0.1% load cell. Recorder has amplifier constant voltage reference, range selection (2500, 3000, 5000, 6000, or 10,000 lb.), and zeroing. Includes built-in 15 min timer, spherical load button (3 inch penetration piston sold separately), extended platen, foot-activated overhead Stabilometer lift and hold, checking ring dynamometer and lockable cabinet with reinforced bench. Complete with Operating And Service Manual, plastic Dust Covers, one roll 445-8 Recorder Chart and one roll 760 MC Recorder chart. Approx. Ship Wt. 375 lb.

Product Specification
Shipping Weight375 lb