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Hot Plates/Electic Ranges(Product# GMA2235)

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Select from 5 models according to plate size needed. Quick response demand-type thermostats heat plates to selected temperature, then cycle to hold within ±3°C. Temperature control to 371 °C max. is stepless except GMA 2600 heavy duty model which has 4 fixed settings to 482°C max. Heating elements are embedded with special refractory cement for even heat, long life. Top plate for Nuova Model GMA1832 is quality Nucerite coated stainless steel; Model GMA2600 has cast iron top; others are cast aluminum. Cases are stainless steel or die cast aluminum, and all except large GMA2245 are supplied with 3-wire cord and plug. All except GMA2600 have power pilot light. GMAA106 Oven Accessory fits GMA1900 Hot Plate, has steel case, aluminum interior, and provides inexpensive 6x6x6" chamber with 300°C maximum temperature. All models are 50/60Hz

Product Specification
Power Source115V, 50/60 Hz, 1600W
Top Plate12 x 12 Inch
Approx Shipping Weight26 lb