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Pycnometer(Product# 310)

This high pressure pycnometer and 320 Prepump make possible saturating a material, pressurizing the fluid to 1200 psi and measuring the absolute volume of the material. More than 10% by volume of air will be completely absorbed into water with this increased pressure. If any air remains, it is compressed to a very small volume as expressed as a percent of the total. Uses include determination of specific gravity and moisture content of soils (Test Method Tex-109-E, part I). When specific gravity and moisture content are not known, both can be found from the same sample, but oven drying is required. If the specific gravity of the sample type has been adequately predetermined, moisture density tests are expedited because oven drying is not required. The Prespyc handles volumes up to the equivalent of a 10 Ib. soil sample and may be used like a 315 Presves (extensive use not recommended). All parts are corrosion resistant, including precision-bored aluminum alloy chamber, 6 5/8inch I.D. x 10inch. Complete with Dial Indicator, 680PB Polyethylene Bags, Pkg/100, and Manual (320 Prespump required but not included). Approx. Ship Wt. 35 lb.

Product Specification
ID6 5/8 Inch
Approx Shipping Weight35 lb