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Relative Density(Product# HU3750.2F)

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Apparatus determines the relative density of cohesionless free-draining soils and provides well defined result on soil that do not respond well-defined result on soils that do not respond well to conventional moisture -density impact compaction testing. Soils for which this method is appropriated may contain up to 12° of soil particles passing a No.200(75/u) sieve, depending on the distribution of particles sizes, which causes them to have free-draining characterstics. Relative density of cohesionless soils uses vibratory compaction to obtain maximum density and pouring to obtain minimum density. Complete set includes; Vibrating table HU3756.2F, relative density mold sets HU3757 and HU3758, and relative density guage set HU3759. Meets ASTM D4253, D4254. Approx. Ship. Wt. 925 lb.

Product Specification
StandardsASTM D4253 ,ASTM D4254
Power Requirements230V,12Amp., 60Hz, 1Ph.
Approx Shipping Weight925 lb