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Direct-Residual Shear(Product# JS2213A)

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Normal load can be applied through a range of 2 to 2,250 Ibf (10N to 10kN) due to a second mini-cylinder mounted on the upper cross arm.
Geotest offers three different direct residual shear machine with the following distinguishing features.

• Display of normal and shear stress to 0.1 Ibf or 1N
• Use of load cell to measure actual normal load
• Normal load from 2 Ibf (10N) (except JS2213A)
• Possibility to convert to full PC control
• Upper half of box exerts no load
• Capacities for normal load and shear 2,000 Ibf (10kN)
• Pneumatic application of consolidation stress
• Automatic residual shear feature
• Load cell to measure shear and residual shear
• Speed range 0.00003 to 0.15inch (0.0007 to 3.8mm)/min.
• Speed steplessly controlled to within 1%
• Rapid return feature
• Easy access to shear box
• All parameters visually displayed on all models
• Electronic data acquisition (See addendum note 1.)
• Guaranteed against all defects for 2 years
• Made in USA by Geotest

Applying the consolidation load pneumatically means that virtually any size can be accommodated without changing weight sets, as is necessary on lever loaded units. Normal loads can be maintained within 1% at any setting and can be applied quickly. There is no effect from ambient vibration. Normal loads down to 2 Ibf can be applied with actual load measured to a precision of 0.1 Ibf (1N) by means of a load cell and digital display. Two cylinders permit loads of as little as 2 Ibf (10N) all the way up to 2,250 Ibf (10kN). Only 1 cylinder is used on Cat. No. JS2213A.
Performing residual shear tests is automatic. The operator sets a maximum travel and then begins the shear test. When the preset point is reached, the machine automatically reverses direction and continues in the opposite direction past the starting point to the same distance. At that point the machine again reverses direction and goes forward to the first starting point where it again reverses automatically. This process continues until the test is concluded. Total travel in either direction can be set from 0-0.9 inch. Thus, even if a 4inch shear box is used, it is still possible to obtain 20% strain. All parts in contact with water are naval bronze with some screws of stainless steel. The entire shear apparatus is table top. There are no hangers or weights to store. Normal loads are applied pneumatically and displayed on a digital readout in 0.1 Ibf (1N) increments on all models to a capacity of 2,000 Ibf (10kN). Shearing is done at a constant rate of strain in a drive mechanism identical to that used on Geotest triaxial compression machines. An electronic speed control stabilizes and regulates speed of the electric motor despite fluctuations in supply line voltage and in the mechanical load driven by the motor. A rapid return feature permits quick repositioning at end of test. The upper half of the shear box is held stationary by a load cell which measures the shearing force on the sample. Extreme care in manufacturing insures that the line of thrust and the axis of the load cell coincide. The shear box rides on stainless steel roller ball bearings and hardened and ground tool steel tracks. Shearing and residual stress is also displayed on a built-in digital display, in 0.1 Ibf (1N) increments to 2,000 Ibf (10kN). The outer shear box (housing) is cast and machined from naval bronze with grooves at bottom for drainage of saturation water. The inner shear box is composed of 2 pieces also machined from naval bronze. Any size shear box up to 4 x 4 inch can be provided. Geotest machines are manufactured totally in the USA. Should there be malfunction in a motor or control, service depots in most major cities are available. All models digitally display normal and shear stress. JS2215A measures shear stress to an accuracy of 0.1 Ibf (1N). JS2213A measures normal strain and shear strain respectively with 0.5inch and 1inch travel dial indicators. JS2215A is all digital, measuring strain with electronic digi
Product Specification
Readability W/Load Cell0.1 lbf
Strain Measurement(Inch)0.5, 1 Inch
Strain Measurement(mm)12, 25 mm
Stress Readability(lbf)0.1 lbf
Stress Readability(N)1 N
Approx Shipping Weight160 lb

Strain Dial Indicator