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Direct-Residual Shear(Product# JS2216)

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lt is identical to JS2215A but allows for computer control of both shear and normal stress. Strain control testing is available through PID feedback control. The software allows the user to change speed and direction at any time during the test. Computer control is also available for control of normal stress. This will permit the user to hold vertical deflection to zero while shearing the specimen. Also progressive larger normal loads can be programmed as aprt of the shearing stage or PID feedback control based on vertical displacement. Full data acquistion as described under Cat No. JS2239 is included with JS2216.

Product Specification
Readability W/Load Cell0.1 lbf
Strain Measurement(Inch)0.6, 1 Inch
Strain Measurement(mm)15, 25 mm
Stress Readability(lbf)0.1 lbf
Stress Readability(N)1 N
Approx Shipping Weight160 lb