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Marshall Stability(Product# HU2988)

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Analog controller with proportional ternperature control. Low liquid safety. Suitable for use with any tank or jar style bath to create highly accurate constant temperature circulating system at above ambient temperatures. Minimum immersion depth 3", maximum immersion depth 7". Clamp-on style fits up to 1-3/16" wall thickness, or rod type lab stand. All stainless steel construction. Two-speed pump minimizes turbulence in small tanks, maintains greater uniformity in large tanks. Adjustable flow director accepts 1/2" dia. tubing for external circulation. Suitable for use with wide variety of fluids 6x5x13".

Product Specification
Power Requirements120V, 60 Hz, 9 Amp
Temp Range5° C above ambient to 100° C
Temp Stability± 0.2° C
DisplayH-2614 Thermometer (included)
Pumping7 or 15 l/min
Over- TempAdjustable
Current9 A
Approx Shipping Weight10 lb