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Air Content(Product# WPC)

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The improved Pressure-Type Air-Meter, Rapid Accurate, Compact, Durable. This is the most popular air meter on the market and is in world-wide use. This modern meter utilizes the principal of Boyles Law. The unique design of the Press-Ur-Meter reduces the amount of water used in making tests to a few teaspoonfuls added in a matter of a few seconds, which insures accuracy but does not disturb the sample. Thus the same sample may be used for slump and compression tests. Since the action of Press-Ur--Meter is to equalize pressures between chambers, changes in barometric pressures do not affect the results. Therefore, this method entirely eliminates the problem of correcting for barometric pressure and thus, substantially reduces the required to make a complete test. Exterme accuracy in the strike-off of concrete in the base in not necessary as any variation is taken care of by the small amount of water added through the petcock using the syringe. As the base is exactly 250 cu. ft. of volume, unit weights may be readily obtained during the air test. It may also be used in both field and laboratory for several other convenient and accurate physical tests such as specific gravities of aggregates and cement and free moiture of aggregates. A chart is fumished for simple interpretation of results. Approx. Ship Wt. 35 lb.

Product Specification
StandardsASTM C231
Approx Shipping Weight35 lb