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The Rainhart Texas Gyratory has been specifically designed and built to the exact specifications and standards required to perform the TEX-206-F. This gyratory is used for the compacting of bituminous specimens and the determination of bulk specific gravity and minimizing the variability of the Bulk Specific Gravity by determining the correlation factors between the Texas Gyratory and Superpave compactors. The Rainhart Gyratory is equipped with stainless steel valves and hydraulic lines to resist corrosion and damage and a self-contained hydraulic reservoir with integral sight glass for easy fluid level confirmation. The Rainhart Gyratory is manufactured with the highest quality parts for high volume long-term use and low maintenance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Meets ASTM D4013-7 & TEX-206-F
  • User-friendly programmable counter
  • Single push button operation
  • Easily calibratable to TEX-914-K
  • Lifting bolts for easy moving
  • Self-contained hydraulic reservoir
  • Gauge overpressure protection


  • Weight: 450lbs
  • Dimensions: Approximately 25”W X  17”D X 34”H
  • Freight: 48”W X 48”DX 39”H
  • Up to 24,000 LBF
  • 115VAC

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