Laboratory Sifter

• working chamber accepts pan, six 12" dia. x 3" high or ten 8" dia. x 2" high standard laboratory sieves and cover.
• the case revolves to allow convenient vertical loading of a heavy stack and to allow easy cleaning (no dust tray is furnished), and floor space 18x40" Net wt. 125 Ib.

Gyratory-Shear Molding Press

TEX-206-F & ASTM D4013

For painlessly molding bituminous mixtures into 4inch dia. specimens (Hveem or Marshall). All critical dimensions, bearings and RPM duplicate THD motorized apparatus, Test Method Tex-206- F (part II). Turntable automatically stops in loading....

Gyratory Compactor

The CAT. NO. 144 Gyratory Compactor

Gyratory Compactor gives consistent replication of the testing environment from test to test. Includes a Pentium-Based PC, calibration equipment and software at no additional cost. Compaction chamber....

Breaking Head (Improved)

ASTM D1560 & D2844 AASHTO T-246 & T-190 CALIF. 301, 304-D, 366 & 367

CAT. NO. 760BH6 Breaking Head (Improved)–Used to test for the resistance to plastic flow of bituminous mixtures 6” dia. A closely fitting 4” long bronze bushing slides....

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WELCOME TO  RAINHART Co. Testing Equipment

Rainhart designs, manufactures and distributes laboratory testing equipment for State Highway Departments, Federal Agencies, Private Contractors and Laboratories. Rainhart can provide all your soil, concrete, asphalt and pavements evaluation equipment needs. This is a partial listing of the products Rainhart offers. See our catalog or call our Sales Dept. for items not listed here.