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CoreDryPRO™ - Rapid Asphalt Drying System

NEW! PRO LEVEL Rapid Asphalt Drying System

CoreDryPRO will dry field cores in just minutes.

Meet CoreDryPRO™, the evolution in asphalt core drying! Unveil the latest PRO features, including a large color touchscreen, Drying Progress Bar, and a vacuum level indicator. With advanced electronics, a flexible vacuum pump for diverse lab applications, and a sleek design, CoreDryPRO sets a new standard for rapid asphalt drying.

Discover ALL-NEW PRO Features

CoreDryPRO retains the key features that made CoreDry the Industry Standard for rapid drying asphalt samples. Get accurate dry weights in under 15 minutes, full automation for portability, and quick density determinations. The high-performance vacuum pump and efficient moisture trap ensure reliable operation. With these NEW features, CoreDryPRO stands out in asphalt drying methods.

  • Large Color LCD Touchscreen- A robust 6˝x 3.5˝ makes interacting with CoreDryPRO even more intuitive.
  • Drying Progress Bar- Indicates the drying progress of the sample and time to completion. 
  • Vacuum Pump Port- Enables use of the internal vacuum pump with a built-in PumpSaver to perform tests such as Rice/Specific Gravity. Software prompts are included to guide the operator through the proper steps for each test.
  • External Pump Control- A plug near the Vacuum Pump Port enables an AutoRice to control the pump, allowing the CoreDry and AutoRice to be used in conjunction as an automated Max Specific Gravity (Rice) testing setup.
  • User-Friendly Software- The large color touchscreen LCD screen makes it easy to select drying modes, vacuum operation, and see drying time and progress.
  • Quiet Operation- Specially designed valves and a vacuum pump allow CoreDryPRO to operate quietly in your lab.  
  • Modern, Sleek Design- A newly designed cabinet that combines style with functionality.
  • Maintenance Prompts- Never forget to perform your CoreDryPRO maintenance with built-in prompts and step-by-step directions right on the screen. The CoreDryPRO features software designed to inform users of routine maintenance requirements and make adjustments for better operation. 

Proven Performance Since 2004

The original CoreDry set the industry standard for quick and effective asphalt field core drying in under 15 minutes. The fully automatic and portable system has proven to be the fastest and most reliable in the industry. Now, meet the upgraded CoreDryPRO, taking innovation to a whole new level.

  • Now you can take a core sample from the field and measure its density in less than 15 minutes, saving you time and providing the confidence you need to continue producing quality pavements.
  • Moisture loss in the sample is based on vacuum and innovative electronic
  • desiccation technology. The CoreDryPRO cycles a flow of air and vacuum within a highly efficient moisture removal process. The system also contains an integrated electronic moisture trap to capture the moisture being removed from the sample.
  • The CoreDryPRO is the first product of its kind for rapid drying of compacted
  • and loose asphalt mixtures. ASTM D7227 was developed and established based on CoreDry.
  • Why wait hours or days for drying with fans and ovens when you can dry your samples in minutes with CoreDryPRO. This system utilizes high vacuum technology and the PumpSaver™ for rapid and safe drying of material samples and objects.
  • The samples stay cool during drying, which preserves the sample composition.
  • With CoreDryPRO, you get the same accurate dry weight as using the oven without degrading or changing the sample characteristics.
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