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CoreLok® - One Machine for All your Gravity Measurements

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The CoreLok® System

  • Our Most Versatile Testing Product.

  • Porosity, % Asphalt Content,Bulk Specific Gravity, Maximum Specific Gravity, & Aggregate Specific Gravity.

  • The CoreLok® is a system for sealing asphalt samples so that the sample densities may be measured by water displacement methods. Samples are automatically sealed in specially designed puncture resistant polymer bags.

  • Densities measured with the Corelok® system are highly reproducible and accurate.

  • The results are not dependent on material type or sample shape.

  • The GravitySuite™ PC software package calculates and manages your data for ease of operation.

  • One Machine for All your Gravity Measurements of Asphalt and Aggregate. ASTM D6752, ASTM D6857, ASTM D7063.

  • An accurate method for Bulk Specific Gravity measurement. Bulk Specific Gravity of Compacted Samples - Bulk Gravity Specification ASTM D6752 and AASHTO T-331.

  • Specific gravity (density) is the single most specified parameter in the construction industry.

  • For open graded mixes (i.e. SMA and OGFC) and absorptive mixtures of asphalt, the Saturated Surface Dry (SSD) method is inaccurate. Water infiltration in and out of the sample produces a lower than actual measurement for sample volume, higher calculated density and a lower estimate of air voids.

  • The CoreLok® system automatically seals these samples in specially designed polymer bag and allows for measurement of accurate water displacement test.

  • The present sealing methods, Wax and films, are labor intensive and the results are extremely operator dependent. Fully automatic sealing process.

  • Works with different sample sizes and shapes, 110-Volt standard operation (220-Volt optional)

  • Puncture resistant, easy to use polymer bags for lab and field sample testing.

  • Includes Water Tank, Basket, and other Accessories.

  • Does Not include Bags.

  • 103.1000

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