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Soil Compaction Analyzer

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The Rainhart Soil Compactor Analyzer measures, monitors, controls, and provides quality assurance in real time for Proctor and modified proctor testing. Exclusively compatible with the Rainhart Proctor Soil Compactor, the SCA is quickly and easily mounted on top of the Proctor Compactor. Once installed the SCA will automatically control the start and stop of the Soil Compactor ensuring the correct amount of energy is always delivered to the sample. While in use all data is then instantly displayed on the monitor in real time to ensure a strong correlation with lab calculated soil moisture-density values. The SCA simultaneously calculates test parameters by using rapid sampling the rammer's position, velocity, and known mass to determine the impact energy being imparted to the specimen, per blow, per lift. The Rainhart Soil Compaction Analyzer is the only SCA on the market approved by TxDOT for the TEX-113E analysis of soil compaction testing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Required for TxDOT TEX-113E
  • Removes need for lab technician calculations
  • Emergency stop switch for added safety
  • Simple setup with easy-to-use software
  • Operates soil compactor from a laptop
  • Stores test records
  • Data recall ensures test protocols and procedures are being followed


  • Laptop Computer & Cables: 8lbs, 20” X 16” X4”
  • Control Box Assembly & Hardware: 14lbs, 16” X 14” X 14”
  • Sensor Stand & Sensor: 20lbs, 48” X 10” X 10”
  • 220vac / 50 hz models available 

The only real time analysis of compaction testing

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